From Queen Elizabeth II To Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge: Royal Christmas Cards Through The Years

Date December 25, 2017

It has been a tradition that at the beginning of holiday season, royal families all over the world release pretty amazing holiday cards, bringing festive spirit. And the British royals have many years of practice and experience. So, why not look at and admire some of the most memorable as well as the newest shots of the monarchs?


Elizabeth II had not ascended the throne yet, but she had been appointed the colonel of one of the British army regiments. This was a quite responsible task! And since it was war time, a young princess decided to send out special greeting cards to the troops.

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1957 and 1965

The 1957 card captures a more candid and intimate moment. Together with their kids and dogs, Elizabeth and Philip took a gorgeous color photo. There are no embraces or vivid emotions, but we can still see the gentle idyll of family life.

The 1965 Christmas card features two more royal family members. Here, proud parents pose with their four children around the carriage of little Prince Edward. He was the newest to join this beautiful tradition.

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Four years later, the royals posed casually on board of the yacht. They really look like the cast of some famous TV series!

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And here is Elizabeth with her husban and their grown children. The Queen rocks her green coat, while Princess Anne looks great in her bright blue scarf. If you look closer, you will also see Peter, Anne’s 2-year old toddler, and one of the Queen’s adorable corgis!

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1991 and 1997

The royal family pleased its fans with many amazing Christmas cards featuring Charles and Diana together with their sons.

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And here’s the card of the Prince of Wales with a personal note to William Tallon, a staff member at Clarence House.

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Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla also made numerous lovely festive cards. Here’s one of the first ones, showcasing the couple at the Royal Ascot. The two really like to share a good laugh!



The 2014 holiday photo was taken during the Invictus Games opening ceremony. The royal couple seems to enjoy it!



The year was marked by many memorable Christmas cards. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla celebrated festivities by sharing a snap from their trip to Scotland.


Prince Harry’s black-and-white holiday card gives us some insight into what is important to him. He chose a picture where he is holding the hand of one of his military heroes.

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One of the most popular ones is, of course, the cute photo of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. The family portrait of the future British monarchs is completely devoid of royalty. Take a closer look. You will see that the shoe has fallen off Charlotte's leg, and Prince George has brought his favorite train.

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The following year, Prince Charles and Camilla released a holiday card taken during their tour of Croatia. Here, the happy couple poses with local performers in traditional dresses.



Camilla's turning 70 is a big milestone, and Prince Charles and Duchess decided to share this moment in their new 2017 Christmas card.


We can’t get enough of this family! Prince William and Duchess Catherine also released a gorgeous new portrait. The royals decided to wear baby blue, and they look stunning in it.

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We are looking forward to seeing what they will have for us the next year!

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