Odd Pattern: There Is A Mistake In A Bunch Of Question Marks

Date February 8, 2018 17:30

Brainteasers, riddles, and puzzles are very useful - not only for kids, but for adults too. It seems that they are only for fun, however, they can improve many daily aspects. They might help acquire the skills to meet the everyday challenges and learn faster. Of course, it’s important for children, but adults could try to improve this ability as well. When trying to solve a riddle, persistence and high concentration are needed.


All of this has a positive effect on the brain. If it’s a teamwork, social skills take place in such situation. The special benefit of puzzles is to improve memory.

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Usually for everyone, over the time, the amount of information which used to be kept in the head is getting much smaller than before. People might have trouble remembering the first and last names, the phone numbers. To keep memory healthy, one has to train it all the time; for example, crossword puzzles a couple of times a week, solving logical tasks to memorize subjects etc.

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Of course, in this case, as everywhere, we need to find the golden middle. It's clear that sitting by the computer five hours a day is not so good for eyesight and health in general. However, some riddles and brainstorming activities several times a week might be a magical tool to maintain memory and get some distraction from everyday problems.


This riddle below requires a bit of time and attention. It’s not so difficult, but it still can help train the brain and have some fun.

Where is the mistake?

Can you see it? If not, try a little harder.


And here is the answer!

Mental training can be compared with physical training: Fitness instructors advise to regularly change exercises, so that the muscles are not accustomed to monotonous loads. The main enemies of flexible thinking are the laziness and monotony of life, and the best antidotes to them are the development of new activities - previously unknown areas of knowledge.


Therefore, safely stock up on crossword puzzles, chess, logical tasks; all this is food for the mind.

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