Woman Is Fed Up With Her Look But Refuses To Dye Gray Hair. On Her Bithday, Husband Takes Her To A World-Famous Stylist

Date October 16, 2017

Having an appointment at Christopher Hopkins, better known as The Makeover Guy, is the dream of many women all around the US. Christopher, the world-famous stylist working in Minneapolis, MN, has an amazing gift - to discover and highlight the beauty of any woman. He picks and creates hairstyles and makeups that make all flaws unnoticeable and put away at least a decade from a woman's face. In the description of his YouTube channel, he says that his job is "helping people express their inner spirit through heir outer image."

Christopher has helped hundreds of women find their confidence and made them feel and believe they are beautiful, both inside and out. Many transformation pictures on his social pages prove that The Makeover Guy's skills are perfect and that all women at any age are beautiful.

The women's smiles and sparks in their eyes in the "after" pictures say that it's not only their looks that have changed.

Many women all around the world are not satisfied with their body image. A recent survey in the UK showed shocking results: Only 3% of women really like how they look. The Makeover Guy Says he gets piles of e-mails from desperate women, whose low self-esteem doesn't let them live a normal life.

A 65-year-old woman, named Pat, wasn't depressed by how she looked, but she was fed up with it. For many years, she had had the same hair cut and had never dyed her heair since turning gray. Pat was emabarrassed of her look but was also afraid to change it. Actually, she didn't know what to change - in her opinion, nothing could make her more beautiful.

MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / Youtube

But after she saw a few videos of amazing makeovers done by Christopher, her opinion changed. She started asking her husband to arrange an appointment for her, and his answer was very cute.

My husband said to me, ‘Darling, you’re already beautiful, you don’t need to do this'. And I said to him, ‘Yes, I do!'

But as Pat's 65th birthday was approaching, her husband announced she is going to The Makeover Guy... all the way from Manitoba, Canada, to Minnesota! 

When Christopher met Pat and her sister, who she came along with, he was amazed by how kind, easy-going, and “movie-star-gorgeous” they were. He said Pat had an incredible bone structure, healthy hair, and a perfect attitude. Needless to say, this became one of his all-time favorite makeovers! Pat said she would let The Makeover Guy do anything he wants with her hair, and he started his magic...

Pat's husband and sister were thrilled to see her new look, and so was Pat. When Christopher let her look in the mirror, she couldn't hold in her emotions!

And these are Pat's looks before and after the makeover:

MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / Youtube

Such a radical change, don't you think? She was attractive before her visit, but she is stunning after it. If you want to see the whole transformation process and hear what Pat said about her makeover, watch the video below:

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Source: MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / Youtube