Woman Noticed Dozens Of Eagles Besieging A Truck. The Birds Paid No Attention To Her Shouts As They Ate Fish

Date November 17, 2017 11:10

Eagles are majestic creatures, aren't they? But where do you go if you want to look at those feathery "kings of the skies"?  Probably to a zoo or a national park. But if someone from Dutch Harbor, Alaska heard about "going to the zoo to see an eagle", they would probably laugh out loud!   

Actually, eagles can be found can be found in every state except Hawaii, but you have to be lucky to observe them in the wild.  But the greatest concentration of bald eagles is in Alaska and all you need to do to see them is to go outside. And if someone happens to leave a box full of delicacies without protection, there’s a big chance to see a lot (we mean really a lot!) of those flying predators.

Pam Aus / YouTube

This is what happened to a woman who was at work and noticed a couple of young eagles fighting over something when she looked out of the window. Curious what made the birds so competitive, she decided to go outside with a camera. The woman saw that there were dozens of birds, and they all leaped to the back of one truck.

Pam Aus / YouTube

There must have been a box full of fish in the back of the vehicle because some of the eagles managed to carry some of it away. It must have been frozen, which complicated the task for the great birds. They were so busy trying to retrieve it, and it wasn’t an easy task to scare them away.

We can only feel sorry for the driver who would find the mess in the back of the car, but that’s a good lesson for other people. Pickup trucks are great, but sometimes you need to take certain precautions if you want your cargo to be left untouched. And anyway, the rest of us still got a spectacular scene, thanks to this video.

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