Donald Trump Claimed He Has Returned A Phrase 'Merry Christmas', But People Do Not Agree With That

Date December 29, 2017

Holiday season has officially begun and Christmas atmosphere is everywhere. Celebrities keep posting photos of their family reunions and congratulating each other and all the fans.

Donald Trump was the one of those to wish all the country “Merry Christmas” on his Twitter account.

What’s more, he added this:

The main reason he’s been saying so is because he railed against the phrase “Happy holidays”, which appears to be more politically correct than usual “Merry Christmas” one.

So, Donald Trump claims to be the person who brought back Christmas traditions by using the phrase again.

However, people reacted immediately. The big part of them reminded Trump that “Merry Christmas” is not something that's not used or forgotten.

Also, they say that Obama has been saying this phrase for years and “Merry Christmas” seems to go along with “Happy Holidays” all the time.

As for Ivanka Trump, she wished everybody “Happy Holidays” in the beginning of December, however, when Christmas came, she switched for “Merry Christmas:

Numerous other celebs congratulated people on their official Internet accounts, also wishing everybody all the best using the famous phrase.

Actor Ian Somerhalder made it clear what he thinks the holiday seasons are about:

Merry Christmas world… whatever you celebrate in this life, I hope today is about family, friends and happiness. Not material things bought in a store or on a website. I know this keeps the economy going but it clouds our emotional skies.

And yes, it’s what seems to matter the most not only during the holidays but any time.

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