Prince George Was A Sheep In His First Nativity Play And His Uncle Harry Used To Dress Up As A Red Goblin

Date December 14, 2017

Christmas time is coming and holiday hustle is everywhere. The busy but jolly atmosphere is spreading to all the families and the Royal Family is not an exception. And while Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are making their last official visits this year, Prince George has other important things to do. For example, lately, he took part in his school’s nativity play. It should have been an important thing for the little prince, as we all remember how serious and nervous he was when starting the school this year.


William attended this play and shared his emotions:

'I went to my boy’s Nativity play. It was funny', William said. 'He was a sheep'.

Prince George was definitely a cute little sheep. And as it turns out his uncle, Prince Harry, also participated in such nativity plays every year and looked absolutely adorable in the costumes. On this picture he is only 3 years old, dressed in a Red Goblin costume and is heading off to a nursery school.

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Next year he played another part in a play – a shepherd.

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And here prince Harry and his brother, William, are playing on a fire engine, dressed up as firemen.

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By the way, prince George is also a fan of 911 types of cars, because this year he asked Santa to give him a police car as a present, promising that he’s been a good boy this year.

Taking into account these sweet photos of the royals and their hard work with different health and charity organizations, we can be sure that all of them deserve nice gifts.

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