Sweet Christmas Surprise: Both Daughter And Father Proposed To His Girlfriend On Christmas

Date January 11, 2018

For Madison Wallace from Brent, Alabama, this Christmas was very special indeed: She received not one but two engagement rings. The first one she got from 6-year-old Linlee, the little daughter of Madison's longtime boyfriend, Matthew Murphy. Keep reading to watch a lovely video of this sweet proposal.

Christmas surprise turned double proposal

Little Linlee bought a toy ring earlier in December, her father told People. She wanted to ask Madison to marry daddy and was going to propose to her on Christmas.

She came home showing the ring and saying, 'I’m gonna ask Madison to marry daddy!'

Little did she know that her dad had a pretty similar plan.

When the big day came, the whole family gathered together for a Christmas dinner, and Linlee went ahead with her sweet plan. With a wide smile on her face, she gave Madison her toy ring and asked the girl to “marry daddy.”


At first, the 22-year-old thought it was not for real.

I thought it was a joke on both me and Matthew.


But when Matthew stepped out from the crowd and got on one knee, she realized it was really happening.

The next moment, her beloved man offered Madison a lovely engagement ring, a real one, and asked her to be his wife. To the joy of everyone present in the room, and especially Matthew and little Linlee, she said yes.


People on social media were touched by the sweet proposal and rushed to congratulate the happy couple.

And we are truly glad that while this lovely family was having their moment, one of the guests took their camera and recorded everything. Thus, we can share their joy and see the sweet double proposal with our own eyes.

It is great to see everyone in this family getting along so well and caring for each other so much. Congratulations to the loving couple and their wonderful and really clever baby girl Linlee!

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