Cancer Survivor Who Suffered Years Of Cruel Bullying Has Spent $50,000 To Look Like Melania Trump

Date March 28, 2018

Many of us invested at least some amount of money in our looks. Whether it’s a gym membership, spa sessions or an expensive face cream – we’ve all been there. But some women are ready to go a little bit further in order to achieve the desired look.


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A 42-year-old Claudia Sierra from Houston in Texas has spent $50,000 not just to enhance her look but to visually become her idol – Melania Trump.


The mother-of-two has been suffering from confidence issues since the young age of seven because she was brutally bullied for her appearance. Claudia went to Dr. Franklin Rose for help, who performed $50,000 worth of procedures.

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Sierra, a design stylist, commented:

Since I was a young girl, I was made fun of for the colour of my skin, nose, hair and everything, I was different from everybody else. I remember as a child I would scotch tape the tip of my nose to my forehead because I wanted a nose like all of the other girls.

Two years ago Claudia was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through lumpectomy and radiation treatment, which left her 17lbs (1st 3lbs) heavier from medications and put her at the lowest level on her self-esteem.

The last straw was a date with a man, who asked for her driver's license and told her she looked a lot older than she is.

That was the first date I had since cancer, it broke me apart, I knew I wanted to change everything about myself and have had around $50,000 worth of surgery now.  I had a broken nose from domestic violence fixed, my cheeks pulled back, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, ab sculpt, Brazilian butt lift liposuction and more. Then hair extensions, blue eye contacts, my teeth fixed, a personal trainer, spray tan, my nails done, facials to tighten my pores and laser surgery to remove scarring it's a full transformation.

Claudia got inspired by Melania Trump because she wanted to “to have a polished structured look”:

I feel like the First Lady and we are very alike too, everyone puts her down yet she remains a powerful, strong woman and that's what I want people to see in me.

Now Claudia can finally look past the pain caused by decades of verbal abuse and enjoy her appearance. But we wonder whether she lost herself under the layer of cosmetic surgeries because now looking in a mirror she sees a version of Melania.

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