Kind Doctor Performs A Surgery On A Little Girl's Toy Elf To Comfort Her


December 12, 2017 14:54 By Fabiosa

While watching Disney channel, you may have seen Doc McStuffins - the toy doctor who fixes the most damaged toys ever. If your toys got a scratch or fracture, Doc McStuffins is always ready to help and assist.

Well, it turns out that this is not just something we get to watch on Disney channel! As a matter of fact, we see a real doctor who saved a little girl's elf.

An accident: a family dog attacked the elf on the shelf

It was an accident, but Aubrie Thelen was distraught on learning that the family dog had attacked and ripped off her elf's right arm and at the same time left a hole in a rosy red cheek.

Fortunately, for Aubrie, her mom Jenn Thelen happens to be the nurse manager for the emergency department at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida.

Mom takes the elf to the hospital

She was able to console Aubrie by assuring her that there are special doctors who could save Santa's little spy (her elf). And so, the race to save a toy began as Jenn and her colleagues swung into action.

On getting to the hospital, Sam, an elf, was wheeled, and after assessing the extent of his injuries, Ashley, an emergency room staffer, wore some special Christmas gloves and got to work. "OK, lets see what we can do," she said.

Indeed, Ashley sure made some magic happened.

The magic surgery was successful

After sewing and fixing the damage made by Zoey, Ashley then sprinkled some Christmas magic on Sam, which made him glitter and glow. Sam who is completely restored and in one piece was discharged from the hospital.

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The whole procedure was filmed and went viral. Even though the medical supplies used were expired, people had different opinions on that situation.

Many went further to commend Ashley and her team for going the extra mile. No matter, Ashley is indeed our modern day human Doc McStuffins.

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