"The Crown": The Relationship Between Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy

Date December 18, 2017

This has been the question in the mind of people after "The Crown", a popular Netflix drama showed an episode which depicts that there was a strain between Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy.

In 1961, the British and the American idols collide.

In season 2, episode 8 of "The Crown", in June 1961, the American President, John Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, visited Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. And the royal house organized a dinner to honor them.

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Though the meeting seemed to have gone fine, later in the drama, Jacqueline was seen talking ill of Queen Elizabeth describing her as:

A middle-aged woman so incurious, unintelligent and unremarkable.

She also made a derogatory comment about Buckingham Palace, saying:

Second-rated, dilapidated and sad like a neglected provincial hotel.

Was Jacqueline talking bad about the Queen?

Since the unveiling of this episode of The Crown, many people have been wondering if this incident truly happened. Though the drama is based on real-life events, what was depicted in the drama cannot be said to true. However, there were some incidents in the drama that actually happened in real life.

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It was true that John Kennedy and his wife actually visited Buckingham Palace in June 1961 and it was alleged that there was indeed a strain between Queen Elizabeth and First Lady Jacqueline during their meeting.

What was really happening?

It was reported that Jacqueline sister, Princess Lee Radziwill and her husband Prince Stanislas Radziwill were not included in the list of invited guests because both of them were once divorcees and traditionally, divorcees were not invited to Royal Dinners in Buckingham Palace.

However, Jacqueline insisted that she wanted them to come despite how Queen Elizabeth objected to it. But it was said that Queen Elizabeth retaliated by deliberately leaving out Princess Margaret and Princess Marina from the guest list even though the Queen knew Jacqueline was looking forward to meeting them.

Apart from this guest list drama, it was reported that both Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline had a great time during the dinner. And after the dinner, the two women went on a tour where they opened up to each about the hurdles of being a public figure.

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They also met nine months later when Jacqueline came visiting England. The queen invited her for lunch and Jacqueline later speaking to the press about it said she was grateful and that the Queen was charming.

Queen Elizabeth also gave moral support to Jacqueline when her husband was assassinated.

So from all these speculations and facts, it cannot be ascertained if really Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy were friends or not. They had a misunderstanding like friends do and they also had their moment of intimacy.

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