Alexis Ohanian Opens Up About His Wife's 'Ordeal' After The Birth Of Their Child

Date January 15, 2018

Amongst the myriad of successful sports people in the world are Serena and Venus Williams. This duo has excelled over the years as true professionals. With much excellence and grit, they have been able to maintain their top-notch form in different championships.

So proud of my @voguemagazine cover baby and cover wifey.

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Serena got married to Alexis Ohanian, and their marriage came with much joy and happiness to their well-wishers.

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Serena and the birth of their child

The sportswoman recently gave birth to her first child. While this was exciting to hear, we gathered that there were major complications that threatened the life of this tennis superstar.

Alexis, her husband, took to his Instagram to express his thoughts on the tough times surrounding the birth of their child. He wrote:

This one is going on the desk at work. I can't imagine life without these two. This ordeal, as well as the weeks and months after, has made me an even bigger advocate for paid parental leave (not just for my employees--men & women alike--but for all).

"I can’t imagine life without these two"

This experience is sure worth rejoicing over. Having to lose such a woman would have brought much grief to him, the family, and even her fans all over the world.

Serena, who has remained in the spotlight over the years, had to undergo a C-section to give birth to her child due to complications. Though the C-Section went well, she suffered further complications, which directly threatened her life.

When a scan was done for Serena, it was discovered that she had blot clots in her lungs.

Moving forward

Though this experience was life-threatening, Serena and her husband are still considering having more children. But that may not be anytime soon. They are in no rush to add another member to their family.

Congrats to the couple on the new addition to their family. We pray that God keeps them all in good health.

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