Young Meghan Markle Attended Aunt’s Wedding As An Adorable Flower Girl

Date December 19, 2017

Meghan Markle, the Los Angeles born actress, has been in the news lately for her engagement to Prince Harry. The wedding is set to hold in spring next year, but this wouldn’t be her first time walking down the aisle.


A Cute Photo Of Meghan At Her Aunt's Wedding

Back in 1986, little Meghan walked down the aisle as the flower bearer for her aunt’s wedding. Recently, a picture of the then 5-year-old Meghan surfaced online, showing her carrying a bouquet of flowers for the couple.

Dressed in a pink lace dress, a pearly piece of necklace, and matching hair bows, she looked so adorable as she bore those flowers with an alluring smile on.

Meghan’s Engagement With Prince Harry

In a couple of months, though, she is billed to walk down the aisle again but not as the flower bearer. Having been recently engaged to Prince Harry, after a relationship that spanned over 15 months, Meghan is set to be the bride now.

We already know that the wedding will take place on 19th of May, 2018, in Church against popular assumptions, and the Queen will be in attendance as well. The Kensington Palace spokesperson while speaking about the proposed venue of the event said:

They are delighted that the beautiful grounds of Windsor Castle will be where they begin their lives as a married couple.

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Who Will Be Meghan's Flower Girl?

Now, the question of the minds of many is: Who will be Meghan’s flower girl?

Well, with all the members of the British Royal Family expected in attendance, it can be speculated that Meghan’s niece and nephew-to-be would be taking part too.


In that case, we might expect to see Princess Charlotte playing the role Meghan played 31 years ago – who knows?

Whatever the case may be, we wish the Prince and his bride-to-be a beautiful wedding celebration and a great life together afterward.

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