At 96, Prince Phillip Is Still Charm And Looks Dashingly Handsome In A New Portrait

Date December 12, 2017 18:23

Prince Philip shows that he does not count his ages. He looks good as it is evident in his new portrait.

A new portrait of Prince Philip

At 96, Prince Philip is still as handsome as ever. The husband of Queen Elizabeth shows a good shape. Recently, a new portrait of him was made by Ralph Heimans, the Australian born artist, for the Museum of National History in Denmark.


Prince Philip is spotted wearing the sash of the Order of the Elephant, which is the highest-ranking honor of Denmark. A closer look at the portrait not only shows the dashing prince but also depicts the rich heritage and ancestral history.

The portrait was made in Windsor Castle where Philip and his wife Queen Elizabeth spend most of their weekends.

The portrait celebrates Prince’s background and heritage

Moreover, in the same castle, Princess Alice and Princess Victoria, Prince Philip's mother and grandmother respectively, were born.


There is also a Royal Copenhagen porcelain in a portrait. It was a wedding gift from the Prince of Wales Albert Edward to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. It consists of 725 pieces.

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In the portrait, Prince Philip is also portrayed as standing in front of a painting that was painted by Laurits Regner Tuxen. It shows Queen Victoria and other members of her family in the green drawing room of Windsor Castle. Indeed, this painting tells a great story about the ancestral heritage of Prince Philip.

Prince Philip looks dashingly charming after stepping down from his duties

Prince Philip retired from public life not too long ago at the age of 95 after being in active service for 70 years. However, he still looks as dashing as ever! Though retired, Prince Philip continues to be near Queen Elizabeth.


They say age is just a number, and it is true. Still looking healthy and good at 96, he's a true epitome of a good old age.

We wish him to continue looking handsome as ever.

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