Ohio Businessman, Who Lived In The United States For 39 Years, Was Deported To A Country He Barely Knows

Date February 12, 2018 11:05

It looks like Donald Trump is getting serious about the anti-immigration campaign. At the beginning of 2018, Amer Othman Adi, a businessman from Youngstown, was deported to his native Jordan by the ICE. An owner of a hookah bar, a deli, and a convenience store, he had resided in the United States for 39 years.

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Immigration officials accused Amer of marrying an American woman to get a green card and stay in the country. However, he later tied the knot with his second wife. The two have been together for 30 years and welcomed four children. But representatives of the ICE say that Adi does not have a legal basis for his stay in the United States.

Legal battle

Actually, Amer did have a green card back in 1980. But after living in Brazil for a couple of years, he lost it and never got a chance to get a new one. As for the claims of a sham marriage, his ex-wife later revealed that she had signed a marriage fraud statement only because she was coerced into doing that. With the help of an Ohio congressman Tim Ryan, Adi was able to stay in the country:

Amer was a respectable member of the society who led the trade in the city center and attracted investments.

But it all changed when Donald Trump took office. As a result of a sweeping overhaul of the immigration system, arrests and deportations have increased by more than 40%. And Adi could not win this legal battle as well.

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Tricking the man into deportation.

At the end of the last year, Amer was told that he was going to be deported, so he was ready to leave the country. But the ICE unexpectedly extended his temporary stay and scheduled a check-in meeting. Instead of it, he got arrested and deported two weeks later without being given an opportunity to see his near and dear.

If that's not tricking somebody, if that's not targeting somebody, I don't know what is.

Getting back home.

He arrived at the Jordan airport with nothing but clothes and less than $300. At the arrivals gate, Amer was extremely glad to meet his 94-year-old mum (whom he hadn’t seen in about 20 years), siblings, and other relatives. But the joyful moment was marred by the sad occasion. Having fallen to his knees, the broken man said:

I'm so sorry to tell you what happened is unjust, not right, and everyone back there knows that.


Now people are outraged and even demand the return of the businessman back to America.

Unfortunately, Amer’s care is not an isolated incident, with many immigrants experiencing the same treatment. And with 60 percent of undocumented immigrants living in the United States for more than a decade and having children, more families are expected to be broken apart.

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