Morgan Freeman Accepted The Life Achievement Award In A Baseball Cap, Breaking The Official Dress Code

Date January 23, 2018

It is a memorable moment in the history of cinema. After 54 years of his career, American movie actor Morgan Freeman finally received the Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild of the United States. But his outfit has definitely caught us all off guard: the star took the stage in a classic black tuxedo and a baseball cap!

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Presenting the award

The Life Achievement Award was presented by the actor’s longtime friend Rita Moreno. Even she was surprised by the fact that the Shawshank Redemption star decided not to take his cap off while accepting the honor. Without hiding her amazement, Rita yelled:

Lift up your hat! There we go. Now we can see you.

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But 80-year-old Freeman didn’t follow her demand, saying:

You have no idea how long I had to put up with that!


Actually, Moreno was not the only one who could not but wonder why the beloved actor was accepting such an honorable reward in an unexpected fashion accessory.

A baseball cap is, of course, not an appropriate attire for the official black tie dress code, but Freeman's admirers were quick to defend him. As a genius actor known for his godly roles, Morgan could wear whatever he wanted to, and this is the opinion most of his devotees hold. Following the event, Freeman’s fans rushed to Twitter to congratulate the legend.

Accepting the award

While accepting one of the entertainment industry’s highest rewards, the screen veteran thanked his friends and colleagues and also acknowledged how important it was for him.

This is beyond honor. This is a place in history.


The only thing the actor did not like was the SAG statue itself because he believed it was gender specific from the front.

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