Social Media Users Loved Unusual Background In Barack Obama’s New Portrait And Even Offered Funny Alternatives

Date February 14, 2018

On February 12, Barack and Michelle Obama made history as the National Portrait Gallery finally unveiled their official portraits. Undoubtedly, the stunning work by Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley received largely positive reviews, especially among common people.


But like all works of art, these portraits are open to interpretation. And this is exactly what Twitter users did. Upon seeing the paintings, many of them rushed to the social platform, turning the former POTUS into a meme.

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Celebrating the images

The Internet folks really did what they do best – drew comparisons. Instead of usual dark and dull presidential portraits, Obama’s one is surely a bit different. The bright foliage in the background allowed meme fans to create their own versions of this masterpiece.

Some users were utterly disappointed that the artist didn’t paint the 44th president in a tan suit that made headlines back in 2014. But photoshoppers gladly fixed that. How do you like it now?

Others thought that the portrait lacked some intrigue. And they added it! Hiding-among-the-bushes variant was among the most popular ones, featuring Sean Spicer, Homer Simpson, and even Obama himself.

And some made reference to television series and Chris Christie’s sunbathing.

Here are some more hilarious reactions!

The former president is known for his great sense of humor, so it is likely he will find some of these alternative portraits enjoyable.

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