Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Lindsay Lohan For Calling Her New Hairstyle "Confusing"

Date January 30, 2018

37-year-old Kim Kardashian is in no hurry to share pictures of a newborn daughter, but she gladly posts another portion of provocative photos. The new look of Kanye West's wife caused a mixed reaction not only among her followers but also among other stars, including Lindsay Lohan.

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Kim’s hairstyle transformation

On January 29, the reality show star took to her Instagram page to share a footage from a new exciting photo shoot. The pics feature Kim in a white top and even topless. However, the main detail that attracted the attention of her fans was her new hairstyle. Kardashian plaited her long hair into small "Bo-Derek" braids, implying that it was inspired by the actress’ look in the 1979 movie "10."

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But instead of being showered with compliments, Kim received heavy backlash from followers. Kardashian's new hairstyle provoked disputes online: Many fans thought it was incorrect to call classic African braids Bo Derek’s hairstyle, accusing the star of cultural appropriation.

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Lohan’s comment and Kim’s response

Perez Hilton, a well-known blogger, reposted the photo and asked his subscribers what they thought about the new hairstyle of the American star. One of the comments was left by Lindsey Lohan who wrote, "I am confused."

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Apparently, Kim was not fond of such reaction, so she clapped back:

You know what’s confusing… Your sudden foreign accent.

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Why did she say it?

Obviously, she referred to the year 2016 when Lindsay lived in London and traveled a lot. At that time, Lohan told reporters that she was studying several languages at once, including Russian and Turkish. Now, by the way, the star has an opportunity to master another language – Arabic – as Lindsey is planning to move to Dubai.

Lohan hasn’t responded to Kim’s comment yet. Although the two seem to have some issues now, they used to be friends and spent a lot of time together attending parties.

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Back then, Lindsey was much more popular than Kardashian, but 10 years later, everything is completely different.

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