Nicole Richie Entertains Her Kids By Dancing While Giving Her Lizard, Speedy, A Bath

Date January 10, 2018 11:17

Nicole Richie knows how to have fun with her pets. The actress loves animals, and her non-standard approaches to caring for them entertain not only her kids but her fans too.

Dancing queen

On her Instagram, the style icon posted a funny video where she performs an amusing dance while giving a bath to her lizard, Speedy - the new pet of the family. While Nicole was goofing around to a catchy song, her 9-year-old daughter, Harlow, was filming everything that was happening, giggling behind the scenes.

Mommy, Speedy’s embarrassed.

Nicole captioned the video by sharing that it was the first bath her lizard took this weekend, and it was awesome.

In fact, Richie just loves funny dancing; she cannot help but play the fool alone or together with her friends.

What is more, she always likes to share these silly moments with her followers.

Animal lover

Speedy is not the only pet in the family of Nicole. In April last year, the former reality show star, and now the fashion designer, had a photo shoot together with her eight chickens. Rickie named her feathered pets Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny, Daisy, Ivy, Sibby, and Dixie Chick.

She got the idea of having chickens as pets three years ago and immediately bought five new family members.

I raised them inside my house for about six weeks, and then it was time for them to have a coop.

What about her family?

Two of Richie's children, Harlow and her seven-year-old brother, Sparrow, are very fond of pets. But her hubby is a completely different story. Joel Madden does not really pay attention to them, but when he wants to be cool in front of his friends’ eyes, that’s when he talks about their chickens and shows them.

We wonder what unusual pet Nicole will get next.

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