Betty White Recalls Funny And Touching Moments Of Her Friendship With Lucy Ball

Date December 8, 2017

All fans know that Betty White, a famous actor and comedian, is playful, friendly, and funny on screen. But in reality, she also has many friends. Lucille Ball, another TV star, was one of the dearest people with whom Betty shared a very close bond.


How it all began

The two iconic stars met around 1956 and quickly realized that they had many things in common. Both had own production companies, supporting mothers, and an experience working in radio. Since Ball and White were comedian actors, they were not afraid to be funny and even foolish, which sealed their friendship. Ann Dusenberry, their co-worker, tells:

Their bond was their common accomplishment as business women in a male-dominated industry.

In misery and joy

The two always stood by each other no matter what. Betty, who had been divorced twice, encouraged her friend with words of support and advice when Lucy had an extremely painful split from her husband, Desi Arnaz. Together, they went through the death and ailments of their family members and beloved ones. Lucy's ex-husband died the very day actors made Super Password together. White was there give each other a shoulder to cry on. She recalls:

She was being real funny on the show, but during a break she said, ‘You know, it’s the damnedest thing. Goddamn it, I didn’t think I’d get this upset. There he goes.’ It was a funny feeling, kind of a lovely, private moment.

Their friendship lasted for more than 30 years until Lucille’s death in 1989. It has been more than 20 years, but White still thinks about her friend, recollecting all the good moments they had together.

We had such fun. She was always going to teach me backgammon. 

As Betty recalls, Lucy thought that this game was a cure for anything. She also confesses that she has a scrapbook of close persons, and Ball is one of them.

This connection proves that true friendship is possible. All you need is to have a close bond and be supportive of each other's personal lives and careers.

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