Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Her Late Aunt Joanne With Her New Album

Date December 20, 2017

Lady Gaga is known worldwide for her eccentric and sometimes bizarre fashion choices. However, a much softer side of her was revealed recently. The award winning singer paid glowering tribute to one of the most influential people in her life. Her aunt, Joanne Stefani Germanotta.

In this emotional tweet, Lady Gaga shares a tribute to her aunt. In this black and white photo, she poses with ace producer, Mark Ronson.

Who exactly is this mystery aunt?

Joanne Stefani Germanotta was sister to Lady Gaga’s father. Sadly, she suffered from lupus and passed on at the tender age of 19. Although Lady Gaga was born 12 years after the death of her aunt, she still learned a lot about her from her father and family.

Joanne was also a consummate artist and passionate about painting and poetry. In an interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, she speaks of her aunts passing and the effect it had on the family. She said:

The death of her… left a scar that never healed. As I returned to my home life and spending time with my friends and family and getting out of the mainstream limelight for a minute, the experiences of our family and our challenges that make us who we are.

Lady Gaga also shares a special connection with her late aunt. Her middle name is also Joanne (her full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta). Gaga confesses that her aunt has always been a role model for her and a source of inspiration. On dealing with loss, she adds:

It’s all the toughness of the pain of losing her that made us all strong and made us who we are. She is the woman of my past who is becoming and helping me bring more of my honest woman self into the future.

The family remembers her.

This is not the first time Lady Gaga has given credit to her late aunt. The booklet included in her 2008 debut album, The Fame, had one of Joanne’s unpublished poems, titled “For a Moment,” in it.


Her family also continues to remember Joanne and pay tribute. February 2012 saw Gaga’s parents, Joe and Cynthia Germanotta, opening an Italian restaurant called Joanne’s Trattoria in the heart New York City.

Joanne Stefani Germanotta may be long gone, but Lady Gaga continues to keep her spirit alive through her music and art.

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