Queen Elizabeth II Has A Simple Fix For Jet Lag

Date December 21, 2017

For many frequent fliers, spending long hours inside an airplane is a smart time saver. Sadly, for most travelers, it comes at a price. Some people may experience air sickness or vertigo. Panic attacks also make the list of other uncomfortable situations.

For international travelers, the most popular dilemma is jet lag. Not a lot can compare to the disorientation that crossing meridian lines can cause. From sleep deprivation to severely distorted cycles, it can be a major challenge.


One regular traveler seems to have discovered a way to avoid jet lag. Queen Elizabeth II. With over 60 decades under her belt and uncountable air travel miles to boot, the Queen has become a master (or is it mistress) at avoiding jet lag and today, we share with you some of her sweet remedies.

Barley sugar

Queen Elizabeth II recommends a helping of barley sugar during flights. You may be familiar with caramel, which is essentially boiled sugar. Well, Barley sugar is a combination of cane sugar and Barley water (the remnant water from boiled barley).

When cooled, it hardens, much like candy. On its own, barley is known to help fix indigestion and is a well-known detoxifier. You may say the Queen has a sweet tooth, still, after more than 60 years flying across the globe, if she says the remedy works, you can bet it does.


Don’t hog it all.

The Queen is also known to be particular about what she eats. Despite the variety of dishes available at the Palace and during her tours, she does make exceptions in her diet. For one, she steadfastly avoids garlic and shellfish.


If you plan on traveling this holiday season, maybe you could give Barley sugar a try. It may be the remedy for jet lag you have been looking for.

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