Royal Marriage: Queen Elizabeth Had To Fight For Prince Philip

Date December 18, 2017

On November 20th, 2017, Queen Elizabeth, 91, and Prince Philip, 96, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. After all these years, their love keeps getting stronger, but it hasn’t always been smooth from the time they met, and Elizabeth had to fight for her love.

King George VI and courtiers had reservations about Philip Mountbatten

At the age of 13, Princess Elizabeth met 18-year-old Prince Philip Mountbatten. He was a royal naval officer who had a rocky background. His parents were separated, and he was sent around Europe to live with relatives.


Philip, the tall, handsome, blonde, and dashing officer from overseas who served with the Mediterranean and Pacific fleets during the Second World War, was not readily accepted into the British royal family.

The royal family, including the king’s friend Lord Salisbury, was concerned that the future queen can find better love match.

Love at the first sight - their relationship has been very romantic

It was love at first sight for the young princess. Elizabeth was deeply in love with Philip as a young teenager and never looked at any other man, though the prince had other relationships.


Their relationship began to blossom, and it became very romantic. When on leave, the prince would spend some time with the royal family. Despite the fact that the royal family was worried as to how the public would accept Prince Phillip, Elizabeth didn’t give up on her man.

Marrying the person she loved was the queen's great achievement

At 21, Elizabeth eventually won and married to Philip after her cautious father requested to wait a year to be certain they wanted to make a family.


This feat was regarded as one of the queen’s greatest achievements. Since they got married in 1947, they have enjoyed their relationship to the fullest. They have four children, Anne, Charles, Edward, and Andrew.


King George IV died in 1952, and the state’s duties fell on Elizabeth’s shoulders. Philip resigned from the navy and devoted his life to the Queen’s services.

As much as they enjoy each other’s company, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip give each other space and time, and this may be one of the secrets of their successful marriage.

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