Zack Ward Was A Christmas Bully, But He Gives His Royalties To His Mom

Date December 19, 2017

Nobody loves a bully or being bullied. But there is one special bully that millions of people love, especially in Canada. His name is Zack Ward. At just 13, Zack snagged the role of bully Scut Farkus in the 1983 film, A Christmas Story.

Although the film only garnered moderate success, the following years have seen it become a massive hit. So much so that every year since 1997, networks TBS and TNT have the film on air throughout most of the Christmas holiday.

The bully we all love

What makes this movie special? For a lot of people who saw the movie, seeing Scut beaten up in public made a lot of people feel a bit better about being bullied. As Zack recalls:

So many people come up to me and are like, ‘You got your ass kicked by Ralphie’, and it makes them so happy. I think they’re connecting to themselves as that little kid who had a bully and when they saw Scut Farkus get beaten up, they were just like, ‘Yeah!’.

It is a bit surprising that he gets a lot of love after playing a despicable character but it goes to show that movie lovers still appreciate the real people behind their favorite characters.

Mom gets the royalties

Although the movie was made in 1987, Ward still makes money off of it. It may not seem like a lot (about $1,800 Canadian dollars every two years) but what he does with the money makes him even the more endeared to his fans.

Adorable puppy at the dog surfing fund raiser! #hwacsurfdog

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Zack set up a bank account for his beloved mom, and he transfers his royalties from the movie to her, so she can use it as she needs. This goes to show that he has a soft spot for her. You can shed a tear now.

Zack continues to enjoy a massive following and occasionally has total strangers walk up to him and say 'Hi'. He says:

They greet me with a lot of love. It’s usually very kind.

Taking care of family is important and Zack offers a heart-warming message for the holiday. We hope that Zack’s example inspires other people to share this Christmas.

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