4 Tips On How To Properly Store Sweaters And Other Knitwear

Date December 8, 2017 10:11

It’s a holiday season nearby. Time to break out the sweaters! Whether they are the lovely knitted sweaters we pick from our favorite stores or the ugly-granny clothes we love to hate, it is a sweater time.

We all love our knitwear as it keeps us warm on cozy and chilly days, especially during winters. A lot of people fold their sweaters and keep them in drawers and boxes. Although this is not a bad way to store sweaters, it does take up a lot of space.

Hanging is a much better option. Seeing as most sweaters are made of thick materials, hanging allows your clothes to breathe. Still, hanging does have its own problems as, sometimes, it could ruin a sweater, especially when not done right.

They either become loose or just sag. And then, there are those unsightly bumps in the shoulders. The reason why this happens is simple. We do not hang our sweaters in a proper mannery. Most people drape them on hangers, but it is not a good idea.

Since most sweaters are heavy, the weight of the bottom usually pulls at the top and causes slack. Here we show you an awesome way to store sweaters without ruining them.

What You Need

  • a hanger;
  • a sweater.

Step 1

Fold your sweater in two along the middle.

TODAY / YouTube

TODAY / YouTube

Step 2

Place a hanger between the sleeve and the body of the sweater.

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Step 3

Pass the sleeves through the hanger.

TODAY / YouTube

Step 4

Pass the lower half of the sweater through the hanger.

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Voila, you have your sweater safely hung, and you can put it in your wardrobe now.

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It is a pretty simple method for hanging your sweaters. It also has several benefits.

  1. It eliminates bumps in the shoulders.
  2. It stops ugly stretch-marks.
  3. It stops your sweater from sagging.

In this collage, you can see four easy steps on how to successfully hang a sweater.

This method also ensures that your sweater stays wrinkle-free and ready for you to wear anytime. So, stop ruining your sweaters. Try this new way and remember to share it with your friends and family if it works for you.

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