Man Was Feeding Swans Every Day, But When He Once Got Delayed, They Went To Look For Him

Date March 15, 2018 15:14

Jitesh Parmar has a daily routine. He wakes up every morning at 8 o’clock and goes to Roath Lake Cardiff, in the UK, to feed his feathered friends - the ducks, geese, swans, and seagulls. The man, who is known as “the bird whisperer,” started this little routine because people don’t usually feed the birds as much during the winter season.

The kind-hearted Parmar decided to keep the birds happy and fed, and they come to rely on their morning meetings with their new friend.


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This video was meant to show Parmar’s daughter how the birds wait every day by the road's side for “the bird whisperer” to come. But it just happened that on this particular day, the man was 15 minutes late to his usual feeding time.

As the video shows, when the birds saw Parmar wasn’t coming, they rushed up the road to find him. How crazy is that? While they were quite impatient, it’s nice to see that cars waited for them to cross the road.

Sreedharan Subramaniam / YouTube

When Parmar finally showed up, his little crew followed his every footstep. Enjoy this amazing moment!

No birds were harmed in the making of this video. They also weren’t fed bread to trick the viewer. Roath Lake Cardiff has signs everywhere that advise people not to feed these birds with bread.

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