Parents Shared Photos Of Children Who Ruined Beautiful Christmas Moments

Date January 4, 2018

The beautifully decorated tree and the colorful presents underneath are a sign of Christmas morning. Cookies and milk on the table are there to await the white-bearded man in red. Only the sound of joy and happiness expressed by kids is missing. Well, that doesn't always have to be the case.


Children ruined Christmas

First of all, there is something incredibly scary about Santa when it comes to children. Their little crying faces are ready to spoil even the best-looking Christmas photo. You've all seen it before, it doesn't matter what you do, you just won't get to take the picture you wanted.

When the kids get a bit older, it's not the crying that makes a problem but their mischievous characters. You can always trust a child to ruin even the most carefully prepared decorations. Folks on Instagram decided to share their experiences with kids and Christmas under the hashtag #Christmasfail.

When you visit your lovely friends for Xmas and your kids decimate their tree. Yeah. That. #soz #christmasfail

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Christmas Cheer

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Thank God for Keto cocktails #pictureswithsanta #momlife #itried #christmasfail #cryingpicsarethebest #priceless #ketococktails #allthecocktails #keto #ketomom #christmas2017

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You'll agree with us that that's a lot of crying photos that parents will get to show to their kids later. However, when we look at photos similar to these, it's all about nostalgia. It means that every Christmas is perfect as long as you spend it with your family.


Cherish your memories even if they are about scary mall Santas. One day, those scared children will be photographing their own terrified kids.

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