From Burned Cookies To Dead Trees: 14 Hilarious Photos Of Christmas Fails

Date December 13, 2018

Starting from early December, we are busy decorating our houses (and not only inside!), buying Christmas trees, thinking what to cook for holiday dinner, inviting friends and family, and wrapping gifts. No wonder, this busy season can be rife with stress!

Of course, something always goes wrong, starting from burned cookies to broken ornaments. But people gladly talk about their disappointments on social media. We have decided to find some funny Christmas fails as well as hilarious and awkward moments and share them with you!

1. “Nailed it.“

ChattyCats / Imgur

2. “Krampus the Gingerbread Man. In case you were unsure if you were going to have Christmas nightmares or not.“

3. “All the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names.....“

ShpongleDMT / Imgur

4. “Merry Christmas from my family to yours.“

cogslogin / Imgur

5. “Looks just like the recipe!“

Публикация от Rose B (@rosez3600)

6. “Yeaaah... thought this might be fun to try today.. I was wrong.“

7. “Selfie with a glitter beard and ugly sweater.“

Dirkjr / Imgur

8. “Advent Calendar Dec 19th: Make a Gingerbread House. Lets just say Thomas and I will never work in construction.“

9. “When my sister tries to be crafty for Christmas...“

andrzzlw / Imgur

10. “Realizing that the Mrs. Claus gingerbread cookie ornament I made last night looks like the head in the jar in ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’“

11. “The National Tree Lighting ceremony was beautiful this evening - but hard not to notice the empty seats.“

12. “This is the most #morbid#christmastree I have ever seen...“

13. “Bought a Christmas sweater at 8am thinking it was two individual sweaters. Turns out it was one giant sweater for two people.“

14. “Mother Mary would not be happy.“

These photos prove that Christmas fails are OK, and we just need to see the funny side of the situation. Even when it does not live up to our expectations.