From Fallen Christmas Trees To Ripped Toilet Paper: 18Dogs That Are Creative In Their Mischief

Date December 28, 2017

Dogs are like little children who cannot be left alone for a minute. If you just leave the room, or worse, leave the four-footed alone in the house, it will immediately do something that's not right. From fallen Christmas trees to ripped toiled paper, pups are creative in their mischief.

Their reaction to accusations is completely different but always very funny. You should be familiar with this guilty, repentant look, which makes you forgive anything. But some are quite satisfied with little troubles they cause! We have decided to find some hilarious pictures of guilty dogs and share them with you.

1. “I guess Igor felt like picking apples.. from the Christmas tree ????“

2. “PsBattle: Two guilty dogs and a pile of spoons.“

123Adz321 / Reddit

3. “I don’t know what happened to the tree...”

4. “Where will you sleep now ?????“

5. “I'm in the box of shame today b/c I like to eat everything I see!“

6. “Well, explain...”

7. “Looks like someone doesn't like red chairs! ????”

8. “PsBattle: this guilty dog.”

tpb01 / Reddit

9. “Verdict: #guilty.”

10. “Who ate Santa?”

11. “Busted.”

12. “Hey, Santa I've been good this year. Let's have a white Christmas ????????????????????”

13. “At least it isn’t a Christmas present.”

14. “Good morning...... I can explain....”

15. “Guilty dogs? We'll just leave this here.....”

shmashes / Reddit

16. “Guilty dog.”

Guilty dog. from aww

17. “Guilty dog/toilet paper fiend.”

Guilty dog / toilet paper fiend from aww

18. “We all know a guilty dog when we see one!”


Troublemakers or not, we still love them!

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