Before Robert Herjavec Met Kym Johnson, He Was Married For 26 Years

Date December 19, 2017

Not long ago, Robert Herjavec married to Kym Johnson. But not all know that she is his second wife. That is why many fans have been curious about Robert’s first marriage and details of their relationship.


Who is Herjavec's first wife?

It turns out that Shark Tank star was married to another woman, and he spent 26 years with her! The former couple met when Robert was 26, even before he became a millionaire. Diane Plese was working as an optometrist, and Herjavec happened to be her patient.

In 1990, Herjavec married to his first wife in a Croatian church in Canada. The choice of a place was predetermined by their ancestry. In fact, the two are both children of immigrants from Croatia.

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However, after many years of marriage, Diane and Robert decided to split and finalized their divorce last year. Some assume that new love was the reason for the separation since this news coincided with Herjavec’s rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars where he met his second wife.

Who is his new passion?

Herjavec was partnered with Kym Johnson in 2015. The things between the two had been going pretty quick. The same year, they became engaged, and in 2016, they finally got married. Kym recalls that they were friends first, but now, they have a strong relationship.

We're both each other's number one fans, and have respect for each other.

Robert and Kym are not afraid of showing feelings to each other, and they post many Instagram pictures.

Does Herjavec have kids?

Yes, and he is expecting more! He has two daughters and a son with Diane. And this month, Kym and Robert announced that they will soon welcome twins! Johnson shared a too-cute post on Instagram of one of her babies giving a thumbs-up.

Herjavec also admits that he has a wonderful relationship with all of his kids despite the fact that it was hard to find a balance between family and work.

You know, I think as busy as I am I always make time for my kids. I was always very lucky.

We wish luck to their family and hope to enjoy new posts of their twins soon!