Abandoned Russian Girl Finds A Loving Family And Becomes A Famous Teen Model

Date November 29, 2017

Parents are extremely important for their children, as they provide the safety and support that is needed for small kids. Unfortunately, not all babies have a loving family who is always ready to help.

This story took place in the city of Yaroslavl in Russia. People kept hearing a baby cry from one of the houses, but at first, they thought that there is nothing to worry about, as small kids tend to cry. But a little later police officers discovered that there was nobody inside except for a baby girl. Her name was Liza Verbitskaya, and she was only 12 months old at that time.

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She was immediately taken to the hospital and examined by doctors. It turned out that she was very exhausted and her hip was broken. It was impossible to find her parents, and she was about to be taken to the orphanage after the hospital.

But a miracle happened and Liza was adopted by a kind woman Inna, who raised her as if she was her biological mother despite the fact that she has already had two sons.

Inna noticed that the girl was afraid of loud noises and couldn’t eat properly. She decided to take her daughter to the dance classes so she could become more confident. And it was a perfect decision for Liza, who soon started to make a good progress in this sphere.

Liza has quite an unusual and exotic appearance for Russia, so a lot of people paid attention to her. The girl has already won a variety of talent and beauty competitions and managed to become rather famous. She has even got the title The Most Beautiful Girl in the Country.

After Liza became a successful model, her biological mother tried to contact her, but all attempts were denied. Liza will have to make a choice in the future whether she wants to meet a woman who abandoned her.

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