Mom Looks At A Family Album Made By Her Daughter. When She's On Last Page, She Learns She's Going To Be A Grandma

Date October 13, 2017 10:28

Who would be the first person you would share your greatest news with? For J. Hanna it would definitely be her own mom! However, the woman took time before she actually did it, and here's the heartwarming reason why!

Here's a couple of things we know about her. J. Hanna is a stepmother of three children and the oldest of four children in her own family. She has no nephews or nieces. When Hanna got pregnant, her first desire was to deliver the news to her mom immediately, and we can perfectly relate to her wish!

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However, she decided to keep it a secret for a while! For Hanna's mother, it would be her first biological grandchild, so the expectant woman wanted to make a very special surprise.

She gathered all the photos of her kids on one album. The ultrasound image Hanna made when she finally reached the week four was on the last page.

The rest is the history! The family gathered together, and the gift was handed. It took ages before the happy grandmom finally reached the "surprise" page!

When she did it, her reaction was simply priceless. The woman was extremely happy, and we can perfectly understand it!

We wish Hanna to have a healthy baby in late November and much happiness in her family! Thanks for sharing the video with us!

Source: Love What Matters / Facebook