3 Celebrities Who Were Real-Life Heroes

Date December 21, 2017

We have watched superheroes like Superman, Batman, Flash and others like these, but when we do, we have that reality check in our minds that these are only people we can relate with on screen.

It is near impossible that they would be by any chance real. However, we console ourselves with the entertainment and with the mere fact that they are heroes, at least in our minds.

Once in a while, people perform heroic acts. They may not travel at unthinkable speeds in the air or lift up weights 100 times their size, but these people can save a life or rescue someone from danger or an accident that has just occurred. We see such feats done by firemen, police officers, to name a few.


Boy in a plane crash

Harrison Ford, a notable actor in Hollywood was featured as having saved the life of a boy. 14 years later the boy he rescued speaks out. The young boy had taken off in a vintage plane reminiscent of a World War 2 plane. He traveled across the skies for a few miles but ended up crashing on a golf course.

Harrison appears just in time.

While he tried to figure things out, he sighted a Helicopter coming to his rescue. It wasn't the firefighters this time, it was Harrison Ford coming down to rescue him.


Rather than panicking and being clueless of what to do, Harrison was calm and calculated and greeted the boy, "Good Morning" and had a bit more conversation with the boy before he was carried off for treatment.

Gerard Butler saves a boy from drowning.

The same goes for Gerard Butler; the popular actor of the movie 300 and Olympus Has Fallen. This time he wasn’t saving the President, he actually saved a drowning boy in real life. Isn’t that heroic?

Just landed in New York

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Mark Harmon saves kids from a fire accident.

Mark Harmon, an actor, also rescued two teenage boys from a car fire accident –this was in 1996.  Together with his wife and with a sledgehammer, they ripped the car open to save the kids. When you stay near a crash scene, sure the hero in you rises up to the rescue. This was what Mark did in this case.

We see stunts in movies, but sometimes a fraction of that plays out in real life. They may not be able to save a million people in real life, but they can save one, and that means a lot, if not for all, but for the one that was saved.

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