5 Videos Of Parents And Kids Dancing Together

Date November 29, 2017 14:49

Dancing is a good way to express emotions and spend some time together. Some people dance while being alone at home, others prefer special dancing classes. But it is also an essential part of almost every party, especially, a wedding, a prom, etc. The videos below show some touching scenes from various events, where parents dance together with their children.

The first video was recorded during celebration of an event. All guests gathered in circle and observed a young woman in the red dress dancing with her little son. It seems that the boy is doing it rather professionally as his moves are complicated. It is impossible to repeat the dance without a special training.

The next video was made during the America’s Ballroom Challenge, where Alla Novikova performed together with her son Daniel Novikov. They are originally from Russia but emigrated to the USA and now live in California. They are real professionals, and the audience was amazed by their stunning performance.

Here, one can see a beautiful little girl Jessica and her father Mike dancing together at some event. Most likely it is the wedding, and their performance is a special gift to the newlyweds. The beginning of the dance is accompanied by a slow music, but in just a few seconds, they surprise everybody with their funny moves.

The next video is in some way similar to the previous one. It was recorded during the wedding, and the bride was dancing with her son. Everything starts with the slow dance, and in a couple of minutes, the music changes, and the fun begins.

This video is extremely popular on YouTube, and more than two million people have already watched it. Adam Ballard recorded himself and his son Miles doing Michael Jackson's routine. Adam was holding Miles and helping him doing moves to the music.

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