Brother Threw His Sister Off The Stage As A Part Of Their Amazing Performance At AGT Show

Date October 13, 2017 10:40

Thousands of people come to auditions to show off their talents. America's Got Talent has seen plenty of talented people on its stage. And, sometimes, it seems impossible to surprise judges as they have seen already everything. But this couple managed to do the impossible.

Billy and Emily England is a brother and a sister roller skating duo. They have recently performed an incredible death-defying act. Their live performance was so scary that judges had to close their eyes. But the most unexpected part was the ending. The brother did unbelievable to his sister after the performance and threw her off the stage during the final move!

America's Got Talent / Youtube

But in reality, he did that on purpose, as a staged act of their show. People were left speechless and couldn’t say a word. These siblings know how to make a blast!

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Source: America's Got Talent / Youtube