Chinese Man Built The Dream House Using 30,000 Corns


A very unusual house was recently built by a Chinese man in Shulan city, in the Jilin Province. Liu Hongcai managed to construct a farmhouse out of 30,000 corns. 14 people from the local community helped him in this process, and it took them two weeks to finish the project.

It turned out that it doesn’t cost much to build such a house, as Liu Hongcai has only spent around $1,300 to pay for the corn. Nevertheless, the house is fully equipped with everything that is necessary for the comfortable life. It includes a well, a water wheel, and a garden fence. It was built in the traditional regional style, and it looks unbelievable!

Many people were wondering about the process of construction. Liu Hongcai shared the secret and said they attached corn cobs to metal and wooden frames. The man also hopes that this house will attract tourists from all over the world and the area will become a popular place for visiting.

At the same time, he worries that rats and mice can eat corn before tourists arrive. Liu Hongcai found a good solution to this problem and decided to involve cats. So now the small feline army lives here and has an opportunity to hide from the cold weather conditions.

It is the first time such house was built. It is rather cheap, and it takes only several weeks to complete the construction works.

For Liu Hongcai, it was a good chance to meet and collaborate with other people from the neighborhood. After spending a fortnight with 14 helpers, they managed to become good friends.

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Source: The Sun

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