Complete Stranger Gave A Woman The Last Oxygen Generator Left In A Store, Knowing That She Needed It For Her Father


October 13, 2017 10:45 By Fabiosa

People who suffer from certain diseases can’t live without supplies that maintain their activity. For example, diabetics need insulin, and they should always make sure there is enough in reserve.

Pam Brekke's father is on oxygen, and she went to the store to get him a special generator. But unfortunately, she was too late and missed the last one. Pam was devastated, as her dad could die at any moment without this device. She started crying and couldn’t say a word.

But there are people with hearts of gold. Ramon Santiago, a complete stranger who was just passing by, saw Pam and told her to keep his oxygen generator. She couldn’t believe her eyes - it was a true blessing!

This man literally saved her dad’s life. It is wonderful that we have such kindhearted people, who are always ready to help.

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Source: Nancy Alvarez, WFTV / Facebook