Dad Asks 4-Year-Old Son Whether He Wants To Get Married. The Boy Said That He Would, But He Is Not Planning To Kiss His Wife

Date October 13, 2017 10:33

Many parents have special YouTube channels, where they upload videos of their kids. It is so entertaining to observe them when they discuss something serious. Such videos usually get thousands and even millions of views. Timothy Johnson is one of those who runs a YouTube channel that is dedicated to his child.

One day, Timothy decided to ask his 4-year-old boy about whether he plans to get married. The kid started expressing his point of view while eating a pizza. He was so confident about everything that it was hard to believe that he is just young kid.

The boy said that he wants to make relationships with girls. He doesn’t plan to get married. The dad was surprised to hear such a response and asked about the reason. It turned out that the boy is scared to kiss the girls because “some kids do it with a spit.”

What a funny response. Of course, he will change his mind in future, but it is so interesting to listen to his thoughts right now. It is a good idea for parents to record such adorable childish moments of their kids.

Timothy Johnson/YouTube

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Source: Timothy Johnson/YouTube

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