Firefighters Visited Autistic Boy's Birthday Party After Nobody Showed Up

Date November 28, 2017

According to the information of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 68th child in US has autism. This number has increased significantly since the 2000, when researchers first started to track this information. Some of them are even talking about an autism epidemic.

People with this condition have some challenges with social communication and interaction, and they need some extra care and support. Despite such high rates, not all people show tolerance and respect towards those who has this disorder.

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A post that was recently shared by A. Bridges tells the story of her son, Holden. Together with her husband, they were preparing a birthday party for their little boy, who has autism. They were expecting to have some friends around and spend some fun time together. But unfortunately, nobody showed up at his special day.

Suddenly, Holden's father noticed a fire truck and decided to take another chance in order to save the son’s birthday party. He explained the situation and invited firemen to join them.

In a little while, the Ware Country firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical technicians arrived to the party with presents. Holden later said that it is the best birthday gift he has ever received.

A lot of people commented the post telling their life stories. For example, Angie Micinski wrote that her daughter has recently attended a birthday party for an autistic classmate, and it turned out that she was the only guest, as nobody else showed up.

Another woman, Amanda Hartnett, told a story of her son who has recently had a police themed birthday. He was lucky to have officers at the party who made him extremely happy.

There is a hope that this situation will change for better and people will become more tolerant and friendly towards people with autism.

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