Parents Prepared A Present For Their Daughters To Inform Them About Another Member Of Their Family

Date October 17, 2017 16:25

Being an older sister or brother is such a big responsibility. When you get a new family member, you should always be ready to take care of him or her and support them in any difficult situation. These two girls were very excited to know that there will be another baby in their family. Thus, their parents decided to prepare a surprise for them. But nobody expected such a reaction from the older daughter!

Katie Russell Woodie‎ has recently shared a video on Facebook, which many people found hilarious. Katie has two little daughters, the older one is almost 5-year-old, while the younger is 20-month-old. The family is blessed with another child, which they expect pretty soon. Katie decided to make a gender reveal for her kids.

The woman prepared a box with pink and blue balloons and asked the girls to open it. Everything was recorded on video so that the family could remember this wonderful moment. When girls opened the box, they saw pink stripes inside. Parents expected to see happy and excited eyes, but they were wrong. The older daughter got very disappointed and started crying, saying “I wanted a boy.”

The youngest baby didn’t know how to react because she was also confused by her sister’s first reaction. Of course, now, both are extremely excited about another sister, but the first reaction was priceless.

We are sure that they will be amazing sisters who will always protect and take care of their new sibling. What a cute family they are!

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Source: Love What Matters / Facebook

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