Guys Entered The Special Education Class With Posters To Invite Girls To The Prom

Date October 16, 2017

Most of you have probably heard when representatives of older generation said their times were better, teens were more educated, well-mannered, and so on. This behavior is common, but it doesn’t mean that it is really true. There are a lot of examples that show that nowadays teens are very supportive and understandable.

Dan Bowen recently shared a story, which touched hearts of so many people around the world. It took place in a high school where students were getting ready for the Homecoming. Dan was approached by several students, who immediately surprised him by asking whether they could invite several girls from the Special Education class to the prom. They wanted Dan to discuss this possibility with girls’ parents and teachers and get their approval. Of course, he did that, and both parents and teachers were really excited.

Students also explained their wish to invite them wasn't just out of pity. The goal was to ask girls who may not otherwise be asked. They wanted to give them an opportunity to feel the joy and happiness during the prom, as everybody should have a chance for this. That is so thoughtful of them!

Guys decided to make this process special and prepared a little surprise. They drew some nice posters, and one day, they suddenly entered the room, holding them. It was such a surprise for girls from the Special Education class! You should definitely see their emotions and happy eyes.

Dan Bowen also mentioned that he does not agree with negative comments towards the present generation of teens. He was lucky to meet plenty of good people in high school, which proved that they have a lot to offer.

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Source: Love What Matters / Facebook