Animal Shelter Employees Use 'Harry Potter' Theme To Find New Families For Dogs

Date November 20, 2017

Of course, everybody wants to have a place that they can call home. Animals want it too. But unfortunately, not everybody has such an opportunity. Nevertheless, animal shelters are working hard to find owners who could become ideal families for pets.

One animal shelter decided to be creative and found new way of looking for possible host families. In this way, they managed to increase the number of puppies being adopted. Dogs from the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando were divided into four sections according to specific Hogwarts houses.

The staff of the shelter sorted all adopted dogs into the houses of “Gryffindogs” (Gryffindor), “Ravenpaw” (Ravenclaw), “Hufflefluff” (Hufflepuff), and “Slobberin” (Slytherin). It was not a random choice of the house but according to the personality of each dog. Before making the decision, employees gave everybody specific tasks, observed the way they play with toys, etc.

The result went beyond all expectations. When people came to the shelter, they didn’t pay attention to the dog’s breed. Instead, they were reading about their personalities. Stephen Bardy, the executive director of the shelter, says that their main goal was fully achieved. The main idea was to make people interested in animal’s behavior and character.

As it was already mentioned, the number of adopted dogs has increased. During the short period, 23 dogs were lucky to find new loving families.

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Source: Sunnyskyz

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