Man Opened Christmas Gifts And Found His Daughter Inside

Date November 17, 2017

Terra Casey is a woman who has once prepared the most unusual Christmas gift for her father. She has wrapped herself in a box and it was the most long-awaited present for her dad.

Of course, every parent misses his child and wants to spend as much time together as possible. But sometimes kids live so far away that it becomes almost impossible to meet regularly. Terra Casey lives in British Columbia and rarely gets a chance to see her dad. But Christmas is considered to be a family holiday, so she decided not to break a tradition and to spend holidays together.

Woman’s dad had no idea that his daughter had prepared such a gift. Early in the morning they have exchanged some pictures, and Terra sent him the view from her apartment. But he didn’t notice that the photo was outdated, and there was no snow in the mountains.

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So, when the moment came, everything was already prepared, and Terra was nicely wrapped in the Christmas box. Her father started to open presents, and other relatives gathered around to watch this moment. When he was almost done, the box started to move, but somebody said: “Nobody is in there.” They were so wrong, as in a second the man realized there was his daughter inside.

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He opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word in the beginning. He was completely shocked and happy at the same time. Terra and her father hugged each other, and it was impossible not to cry. It was the best gift he could ever receive for Christmas.

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