Man Spent Two Months Trying To Find A Camper From His Wife’s Childhood


November 21, 2017 17:51 By Fabiosa

Childhood is one of the best life periods for most people. All individuals have certain memories from that time that warm the hearts and make them feel good. Sometimes, they want to return those wonderful moments and feel the same emotions they used to have when they were small kids.

Micah Farish is a loving husband, who decided to make his wife’s dream come true. She used to tell him a lot of stories about her childhood. When the woman was younger, her family owned a camper and went on camping trips very often. Together with the whole family, they used it as a temporary residence during such trips, even while visiting the Disneyland. It was a special place for Micah’s wife, which she loved so much.

Micah Farish / YouTube

Unfortunately, woman’s father died in a horrible car accident when she was just 12-year-old. Since that time, her family never used a camper as they didn’t go anywhere without a dad. When the woman got married, she started to remember those times more often. She dreamed that one time, they could get the camper back and travel together with children. Unfortunately, nobody knew where the camper was.

One day, Micah decided to make a special present for his wife and return the camper. He spent two months searching for the current owner and, finally, got some good news. Owners agreed to sell the camper, so Micah went to California to make a deal.

In a week, everything was done, and Micah was able to make a present to his loving wife. When she saw the camper, she couldn’t stop crying as everything reminded her of those times when she went camping together with her dad. It was the best present she could ever receive!

Micah Farish / YouTube

Micah Farish / YouTube

Sometimes, memories mean a lot. Definitely, this woman was very happy and grateful. Now, they can travel together and share these special moments.

Source: Micah Farish / YouTube

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