Man Turns His Son With Down Syndrome Into A Superhero

Date November 21, 2017 11:11

Down syndrome is considered to be one of the most common chromosomal disorders. According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 6,000 children with Down syndrome are born in the US every year. At the same time, the studies in this field are developed rapidly, and now, parents of such babies have access to various therapeutic and educational materials and trainings.

Chip Reece is a social worker from Kansas, who is a fan of comic books. In 2010, his son Ollie was born, but unfortunately, he had certain health problems and had to spend first months of life undergoing heart surgeries. When Chip Reece found out his son has Down syndrome, he started searching for comic book characters that may become an inspiration for his son. But unfortunately, he didn’t find anything, and it was the time when he decided to create one by himself.

Together with Kelly Williams, an illustrator, Chip Reece started creating his own comic book. As a result, the “Metaphase” was developed, a 10-page novel about a father and son. The book tells a story about a guy with Down syndrome who wants to have the superpower of his father. Chip Reece hopes that this comic book will inspire his son to dream and overcome all obstacles.

The man was contacted by the publishing company that offered to release the book. More than 1,500 copies have already been sold and distributed across school libraries. There are some kids who come to Ollie at school and say that he is a superhero kid. Ollie is probably so proud of his dad!

The new comic book had a great impact on Ollie’s personality. He managed to become more confident and got new friends. In addition, his communication and interaction skills are now on a much higher level. Children with Down syndrome are often called Children of the Sun as they bring so much joy and happiness to the world. They are very special, and deserve a proper attention.

Source: KWCH 12 Eyewitness News / YouTube

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