Mom Found A Way To Solve Problems With Children’s Drawings On The Walls

Date November 22, 2017 11:53

It is not a secret that small kids enjoy drawing something, especially on the walls. There are no limits to their creativity, and they can create a real masterpiece on such a large canvas. Though, sometimes, it may not be accepted by their parents. But still, it is a piece of memory about kid’s childhood, which may bring warm feelings in the future. That is why some parents decide not to clean such pictures but leave doodles on the walls.

Eric Massicotte has recently made a post on Twitter that has already been retweeted more than 125,000 times. It includes the genius way of fixing kid’s doodles on the walls. A lot of other parents find it very creative and plan to use it as well.

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Everything started when Eric’s kid drew a house on the wall. At first, everybody was disappointed and didn’t know what to do. But then, his wife came up with a brilliant idea. She decided to frame it and present the way pictures of great artists are presented in museums. She even put the title card, which included the name of the drawing, “Interrupted House, 2017.” Additionally, there was the artist’s name on the card, “R.C. Massicotte, b. 2011,” and the explanation of the masterpiece, which said, “marker on latex paint, gifted to his parents by surprise, November 13.”

Eric’s kid is not the only one who enjoys doing art. The video below shows little boys who like drawing on the walls. The whole room is covered in paint, and boys on the video are in the process of cleaning everything. It is possible to hear their mom’s voice in the background. It seems that she is used to such kind of art, and the process of cleaning is rather entertaining for boys.

Kids are so creative, and it is better not to limit their aspirations.

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