Documentary Shows Last Moments Of Oregon Couple Who Decided To End Lives With Dignity

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The Oregon Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill people to choose the way they want to die. The couple from Oregon decided to use this right and to end their lives holding hands together.

Sher Safran and her husband were recording final days of Sher’s parents, Francie and Charlie, who were married for 66 years. They created a documentary “Living and Dying: A Love Story," about woman’s parents and their decision to die with dignity.

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Both Charlie and Francie Emerick had severe health problems: The 88-year-old Francie had spent years battling heart disease and several heart attacks, and 87-year-old Charlie suffered from heart disease, as well as Parkinson's and prostate cancer.

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In April 2017, the couple used a medication legal under the Death with Dignity Act to end their life together in bed. Before being granted the permission to do it, two different doctors confirmed they both have less than 6 months left to live.

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Now, after some time has passed, their daughters shared a 45-minute documentary “Living and Dying: A Love Story" showing last moments of Charlie and Francie’s life. The day before taking the medication, they celebrated their 66-year wedding anniversary together with their family.

In the documentary, Francie says:

Life is not to be worshiped, the quality of life is what counts. As far as we're concerned, everybody else is welcomed to their decisions, but we are so glad somebody isn't telling us that we can't do what we feel is the right thing.

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KING 5 / YouTube

People express various opinions concerning this aspect, but most of them respect Charlie and Francie’s decision.

As the matter of fact, people in several US states (Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, and California, as well as the District of Columbia) can use the Death with Dignity Act to end their lives if doctors confirm they have no more than 6 months left to live.

The human euthanasia is legal in the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Canada, and India.

What do you think about this? Should people be granted with an opportunity to choose the way they want to die, or it should be the God’s will?

Dear readers, please share your opinions and stories regarding this aspect.

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