Baby Dolls Give New Breath To Alzheimer's Patients

Date December 12, 2018 19:28

It turns out dolls can bring much comfort to Alzheimer's patients. Sandy Cambron's mother-in-law Pearl died from the Alzheimer's disease ten years ago, but  the doll became the greatest friend for the woman and made her last days more released. It was absolutely clear it’s exactly what she needed the most at that time.

After Pearl’s death, Sandy and her husband found out the project "Pearl's Memory Babies", which aims at providing support to other patients who suffer from the Alzheimer's disease by giving them dolls. Since the time of creation, the project helped a big number of people stricken with this memory loss disease. They started a GoFundMe page to fundraise money for the project to be able to help as many patients as possible.

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The pictures from their activities immediately became viral on social media, and people throughout the whole country support their project. Hundreds of people leave comments, telling their personal stories and confirming that dolls are really a big change for Alzheimer's patients.

Sandy tries to make days a little brighter for such people. For example, she prepared presents for the Valentine’s Day together with her colleague Shannon Gray Blair. Together they brought a wagon of baby dolls and stuffed animals to the nursing home in Kentucky.

In general, the idea of using dolls for such purposes is called the “doll therapy.” The research which was conducted back in 2007 has proved that it is indeed the effective method of caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Baby dolls can bring back good memories of early parenthood and provide some sense of purpose.

What a great initiative it is! And the reaction of Alzheimer's patients is truly priceless.

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