101-Year-Old Kirk Douglas Shares A Sweet Moment With His 4-Week-Old Great-Granddaughter

Date January 17, 2018

Kirk Douglas, the American actor, and producer, has recently spent some good time with his sweet great-granddaughter, a 4-week old baby girl, Lua Izzy. This unforgettable moment was captured on camera and posted on Instagram by Kirk’s grandson, Cameron Douglas. The mother of a child is Cameron’s girlfriend Viviane Thibes.

The photo is captioned “Words cannot express.” It is hard to believe that three generations of people are together in one picture. By the way, the legendary actor and his great-granddaughter share the same name.

Kirk Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch, and later was called Izzy. The choice of such a name for a baby girl is a special tribute to her great-grandfather.

Words cannot express.... #Powerful #Bloodline

Публикация от Cameron Douglas (@cameronmorrelldouglas)

Unfortunately, Michael Douglas is missing in this photo, even though he could represent the fourth generation here. But he was one of the first who posted a picture of Lua Izzy when she was just three days old. What a sweet girl she is!

Baby girl made the Douglas family closer than ever. She was born 16 months after her father was released from prison. Cameron was sentenced to seven years, and because of that had troubles in communication with his father, Douglas.

But now they have a little angel who made them forget about everything bad. In his recent interview, Cameron claimed that he has an amazing relationship with his dad and loves and spends as much time as possible with him.

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