Animals React To The Snow In A Funny Way

Date January 12, 2018

Winter period almost always means white landscapes and snow. But not everyone likes this time of the year, as it is rather cold and frosty. Animals, the same as people, have various opinions regarding the snow.

The first video with a title “Synchronized Snow Sissys” already has more than one million viewers on YouTube. It shows two horses, whose owner opened the barn and let them come outside and spend some time in the fresh air. After a few seconds outdoors, they immediately returned back to the stable as there is much warmer there. They are really smart!

The second video shows a dog, who saw the snow for the first time. The animal is extremely excited and tries to explore everything around. It must be really hard to find someone happier than this funny dog. It was not an easy task for the owner to record this video as the puppy is unbelievably fast.

Here, we can observe two horses who spend their time outside after a two-day blizzard. Most likely, they have never seen so much snow and enjoy every moment! It is possible to hear their owners laughing as they were really surprised by such behavior of their horses.

This cat’s name is Fletcher and he is a real Internet celebrity as already more than five million viewers have watched his YouTube video. One day, his owner came back from work and decided to introduce his pet to the snow. Fletcher’s reaction is adorable, and he even tried to catch snowflakes that were melting so fast.

All animals are different, but their reaction to the snow and winter season is cute!

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Snow Funny