Man Bought An Old Log Cab For $100 And Transformed It Into A Beautiful House

Date October 18, 2018

Richard Aiken is a man who never stops accomplishing something new. He already obtained two PhDs in Engineering and Mathematics, earned a degree in Medicine, and wrote books on nutrition. It is evident that he is a highly gifted personality.

Richard’s daily life has always been rather active and stressful, so he was dreaming of purchasing a small house in woods where he could spend some time in a relaxing atmosphere. He monitored all available variants that were offered for sale, but unfortunately, the price was too high. One day, Richard posted an advertisement and got a call back.

It was Billy Howell. The man owned an old rotting log cabin that he no longer needed.

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He used to live there together with the family in 1950s, but it has completely fallen apart since that time. Richard has done some research and found out that the log cabin was originally given to Mr. Hudson in 1830s as a land grant.

Of course, Richard didn’t hesitate to buy the house. Although the owner was ready to give it for free, Richard paid 100$ for it. There was so much work to do!

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Mr. Aiken used the natural materials he found nearby. For example, a fallen oak tree eventually became stairs to the upper part of the house. The entire family helped the man rebuild the house. Nevertheless, it took Richard 10 years to finish the process of restoration, but the result is totally worth it.

Now, he has a comfy place in woods to rest from the busy life.


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